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Imagine Your Office... 3x More Effective.

PaperLite Makes it a Reality.
PaperLite users see an average of 3x greater efficiency after onboarding. Get started today.

Regular updates keep everyone in sync, and the nudge feature reminds your team members whenever it's time to move things forward.

Let's be honest, nobody enjoys complexity.

PaperLite cuts through the clutter and makes your everyday business tasks smooth and effortless.


Up-to-date reporting.

We talked about reporting in the section above but we needed three items here, so mentioning it just once more. With PaperLite, make informed decisions, every single day.

Collaboration & Access

Teamwork conquers all!

PaperLite keeps your team collaborating for tasks seamlessly, from anywhere, at any time. Stay on the same page and make informed decisions together.


The Future of Work is Here.

PaperLite automates repetitive tasks and streamlines workflows, giving you back valuable time to tackle your most strategic initiatives.

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We are currently in our Beta stage, where we are inviting CA firms to get the first hand experience of working in a more effective manner. Feel free to participate in our Beta Testing and get amazing benefits once we launch our commercial version.

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We are building for the Indian Chartered Accountants. PaperLite streamlines accounting for Indian Chartered Accountants of all sizes and backgrounds. Get back to what you do best.

    • PaperLite has transformed the way we manage our client engagements and internal tasks. The automated notifications and document requests have saved us countless hours.

      CA Niranjan Jadhav
      Chartered Accountant, N R Jadhav & Associates
    • The intuitive design of PaperLite has made it incredibly easy for our entire team to adopt. It is impressive how it caters specifically to the needs of our CA Firm.

      CA Harshwardhan
      Chartered Accountant, Jawandhiya Bhattad & Co.
    • With PaperLite, our firm has significantly reduced the time spent on manual clerical work. This has allowed us to focus more on client service and less on administrative tasks.

      CA Akshay Rathi
      Chartered Accountant, Akshay Rathi and Association
    • The document management system in PaperLite is incredibly efficient. Uploading and accessing documents for each task has never been easier, enhancing our overall productivity.

      CA Amit Chandak
      Chartered Accountant, Amit Chandak and Associates.
    • PaperLite's collaborative tools and real-time updates have totally changed our internal workflow for the better. We can now track project progress, assign tasks, and share documents seamlessly.

      CS Amit Rajkotiya
      Company Secretary, Amit K. Rajkotiya
    • PaperLite's onboarding process was incredibly smooth and user-friendly. We were up and running quickly, thanks to the clear instructions and helpful support team of PaperLite.

      CA Atindra Deshmukh
      Chartered Accountant, M/s Ekbote Deshmukh & Co